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About Us

At GIT Geeks a unit of "Gwyneth Information & Technology Pvt. Ltd", we specialize in the recruitment from last many years in business across IT, Human resources- for both permanent and contract resources. We serve following verticals/industries: Technology and Engineering, Finance and Banking, Sales and Marketing, Clinical Research, Healthcare, FMCG, Top Management executives and Middle management executives. More than cumulative frequency job seekers in small scale have been recruited. We are including leading employers in public and private sector. We have high standard professionals; those are select by the specialists.

GIT Geeks a unit of "Gwyneth Information & Technology Pvt. Ltd" has assembled a progressive staff with over 45 years of extensive experience in domestic and international recruiting. Thus served these companies with work Ericsson, AT & T ,T-Mobile, Sprint-Nextel, Nextel International, Nortel, RBS, Fair Isaac Corporation, Pixar, Lockheed Martin.

Our achievements are mainly due to professionalism, hard work and strong commitment to ethics and fairness in all dealings. We believe in providing an innovative, proactive recruitment services that is tailored around the client’s needs of an hour. The objective of company is to provide a framework for implementation of recruitment programme. We think of our people as volunteers and try to deliver in a fast paced environment. We nurture and develop performance and motivate them with opportunities and retain talented people our team member focus is to understand, design and implement quality staffing solutions that best fit our client’s specific goal. Company consultants are always in pursuit of our clients staffing solutions- working with their budgetary constraints and understanding their business structure to meet specific equitable of client’s needs. We have group of independent professionals that ensure the needs of our client, in such a way a common mutual benefit can be achieved.

Company is there to provide services which can give you advantages – Reduction for time of recruitments, improve the efficiency process, and give 24*7 accesses.


At GIT Geeks a unit of "Gwyneth Information & Technology Pvt. Ltd", our vision is to become the largest provider of Staffing Solutions to foster growth and prosperity among all business houses in India. We support a large number of industries to grow with competent and committed manpower. Our duty is to provide world-class talent with utmost satisfaction to all customers and uphold principles of business ethics and practice tenets of good governance. As largest provider of human resources, it is to facilitate growth and prosperity of business in India. We believe in continued growth and increasing the value of our company and service. To be a persuading organizations to work with highly motivated individuals and strive to be recognized as the Top company


Our mission at GIT Geeks a unit of "Gwyneth Information & Technology Pvt. Ltd" is to ensure the ongoing success of our clients by effectively assisting our clients in the recruitment of top professionals in over eighteen differing vertical markets. Having strong success records in our own industries, as a team we strive for market leading excellence in sourcing, managing and presenting high caliber candidates.

We are creating a fulfilling workplace for our employees built on trust, mutual respect, and appreciation of their diversity. GIT Geeks a unit of "Gwyneth Information & Technology Pvt. Ltd" has provided a bridge for individuals to career opportunities to achieve their career goal. With an affordable and flexible service of high standard, we are here for directly synchronization in your business.

While striving to deliver excellent consulting services, and endeavoring to be at the cutting edge of national recruitment and hiring practices, GIT Geeks a unit of "Gwyneth Information & Technology Pvt. Ltd" operates from a position of integrity, mutual accountability and respect.

GIT Geeks a unit of "Gwyneth Information & Technology Pvt. Ltd" will conduct business in the most professional and fair manner possible. We will always do what we say and for nothing you have to compromise our honesty and professionalism in serving and representing our clients and candidates.